76+ Best Very Short Love Quotes for Him That Will Impress Up Your Heart

If you love someone and want to share your love with your lover through love quotes, then this blog post is just for you. All the quotes given below are my experienced quotes which I shared with my lovers, so you can also use these quotes.

01. “I wanted to enter your heart and I did.”

02. “For me, my world is only you.”

03. “Don’t doubt my love otherwise I will break.”

04. “I love you more than my life.”

05. “I fell in love with you at first sight.”

06. “I have never fallen in love with anyone but I have fallen in love with you.”

07. “Love has no limits, love is unlimited.”

08. “Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.”

09. “Everyone loses before love.”

10. “Lovers never give up.”

11. “Love is from the soul not from the body.”

12. “I feel every happiness when I see you.”

13. “I want to touch my hot lips on your lips.”

14. “I am drowning in your love.”

14. “I can’t bear this distance.”

15. “I want to kiss your cheek.”

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16. “Wherever I go I remember you.”

17. “My world starts with you.”

18. “Every smile of yours makes me happy.”

19. “Living life with you will be more fun than anything else.”

20. “We both will spend our lives in love with each other.”

21. ” I am a lover of your beauty.”

22. “You are with me even when I am not with you.”

23. “I am addicted to loving you.”

24. “Not a day passes without seeing you.”

25. “I want to drown in the sea of your love.”

26. “I am your lover.”

27. “When you come in front of me my heart starts pounding.”

28. “Your every move drives me crazy.”

29. You are happy then I am also happ.”

30. “Your innocence touches my heart.”

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31. “You look so good to me when you’re angry.”

32. “I see love in your anger,,

33. “Do you know how much i love you,,

34. ” When I see your lips, I feel like kissing,,

35. “I feel like holding you in my arms,,

36. “I could never lie to you,,

37. “The greater the distance in love, the deeper the love,,

38. “My heart feels only for you,,

39. “There are many people in the world but no one like you,,

40. “The feeling of love in my heart comes only for you,,

41. “Love comes from the heart and now you have this heart,,

42. “I thought I would fall in love with someone and today it happened,,

43. “Love always lives in the heart,,

44. “I like your eyes very much, I feel like drowning in your eyes,,

45. “I really feel like meeting you alone,,

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46. “I’m all alone without you,,

47. “I miss you so much when I look at the open sky,,

48. “There is love for you in every pore of my mind,,

49. “Wherever I go I am lost in your memories only,,

50. “I want to see you happy always,,

51. “God made you so beautiful,,

52. “When I close my eyes I see your face,,

53. “I know you love me,,

54. “Love is from the heart not from the face,,

55. “I want you to be the mother of my children,,

56. “I only dream of you even in my sleep,,

57. “The doors of my heart are always open for you,,

58. “Only you rule this heart,,

59. “my life is incomplete without you,,

60. “My life improved after falling in love with you,,

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61. “I don’t feel anything missing after falling in love with you,,

62. “love you no joke,,

63. “After finding you all my needs will be fulfilled,,

64. “You are my life and I am your life,.

65. “When you look back at me my heart becomes happy,.

66. “I want to spend every night with you,,

67. “I loved you yesterday and i love you today,,

68. “You will find many who love you but not like me,,

69. “You being with me is enough for me,,

70. “my heart is yours and will always be yours,,

71. “These lips, these eyelashes touch the heart,,

72. “you are my love and i am your lover,,

74. “My memory will torment you every moment,,

75. “My day won’t go by if I don’t talk to you,,

76. “I have asked God for you many times,,

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