The best a mothers love quotes

Best A mothers love quotes, increase love for your mother

Short Intro: This post has been made from the heart for those who love their mother with all their heart. Mother is the great warrior of the world and the world exists only due to the existence of mother and we are living in this world only because of mother. In today’s blog, love quotes for mother have been shared, which I have written from the depths of my heart, which I myself have felt, so all these quotes will pull you towards your mother, after which you will love your mother even more. Will take.

01. “Mother is the greatest warrior in the world,,

02. “Nothing is possible without mother,,

03. “Mother’s heart is very big,,

04. “Mother suffers the most,,

05. “If you want to love, do it with your mother,,

06. “Mother has a very kind heart,,

07. “The world is at mother’s feet,,

08. “Everyone can hurt you but your mother can never hurt you,,

09. “Only a mother can give true love,,

10. “There is no one greater than mother in this world, therefore one should love mother,,

11. “Your love can betray you but your mother can never betray you,,

12. “Everyone can lie to you but your mother can never lie to you,,

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13. “When a mother gives birth to a child, she suffers a lot,,

14. “Mother can do anything for her children,,

15. “Mother’s love is greater than gold,,

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16. “A mother can tolerate everything but cannot tolerate her child’s pain,,

17. “Heaven lies at mother’s feet,,

18. “Mother can stay awake all night for her child,,

19. “Should think twice before hurting your mother,,

20. “Stay away from everyone but never stay away from your mother,,

21. “No matter how bad your looks are, your mother will still love you,,

22. “There is something special about food prepared by mother,,

23. “Never leave your mother for your love,,

24. “The greatest peace is in mother’s lap,,

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25. “A mother can starve herself but can never starve her child,,

26. “Only love is visible in mother’s eyes,,

27. “Never get angry at mother,,

28. “Mother just thinks that her child should always be happy,,

29. “One should never lie to mother,,

30. “A mother nurtures her child so that her child becomes her support, therefore you should become your mother’s support and not a burden,,

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31. “Prayers always come from a mother’s heart for her child,,

32. “When the child gets hurt the mother also gets hurt,,

33. “Become successful for your mother and not for your girlfriend,,

34. “Don’t respect a wife who doesn’t respect your mother,,

35. “Mother suffers for months, so take care of your mother,,

36. “The mother experiences the most pain when she gives birth to a child, so you can imagine yourself after how much pain your mother has gone through to give birth to you,,

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37. “For a mother, her children are there every morning and evening,,

38. “Don’t hurt your mother in old age because your age will definitely come,,

39. “Mother is the form of God,,

40. “When you sleep, mother is definitely awake for you,,

41. “Mother spends her entire life taking care of you,,

42. “If anyone can love truly then only a mother can do it,,

43. “The maximum responsibility rests only on the mother,,

44. “Mother can never lie to her children,,

45. “A mother can leave her husband but can never leave her child,,

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46. “When a mother wakes up in the morning, the first thing she likes to do is see her child,,

47. “In order to give restful sleep to her children, the mother forgets to sleep herself,,

48. “A mother can tear apart the earth to quench her child’s thirst,,

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49. “People will not be able to recognize you easily in the crowd but your mother will easily recognize you,,

50. “No matter how old you become, you will always be a child to your mother,,

51. “A mother can die herself but cannot see her child die,,

52. “For a mother her child is her world,,

53. “Never get angry at mother,,

54. “If there is no mother in the house then the house seems empty,,

55. “Even in the morning we keep sleeping but our mother has already prepared food for us,,

56. “Giving one sorrow to mother is equal to 1000 sorrows,,

57. “Bring a wife to your home who will take care of your mother and will not hurt her,,

58. “Mother is our best friend who supports us throughout our life,,

59. “On one hand, the mother takes care of the responsibilities of a wife and on the other hand, she takes care of the responsibilities of a mother,,

60. “Ask those who don’t have a mother, how special is the feeling of a mother,,

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61. “There is always happiness in the houses where there is a mother,,

62. “Mother’s love is immortal and never diminishes,,

63. “Mother loves all her children equally,,

64. “One can live without mother but the feeling of missing mother is always there,,

65. “For a mother, gold, silver, diamonds and pearls are only her children,,

66. “When the mother grows old, there are some people who start considering their old mother as a burden and start staying away from them, but you should never do this with your own because it is the mother who has raised you so much because of the mother. Since you are in the world,,

67. “You are your mother’s world, so your mother should be your world,,

68. “When your mother is no longer in this world, you will always feel the absence of your mother,,

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69. “A mother grows old taking care of her children, but in today’s time we do not pay attention to our mothers,,

70. “A woman who does not have children can never love other people’s children,,

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71. “If there was no mother then this world would not have existed, therefore if there is a mother then there is a world,,

72. “You should be your wife’s world and your mother should be your world, this is the real life,,

73. “If you are with your mother the world will be with you,,

74. “Mother is an ocean and we are a river,,

75. “There is no one in this world greater than mother,,

76. “No matter how old we become, we remain children in our mother’s eyes,,

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