In this blog, deep short love quotes consisting mostly of 4 words are given which will make your heart swoon. Your friend or lover will like all these quotes very much and your lover or friend will be impressed with you. You can use all the quotes given below for your Facebook story, WhatsApp story or Instagram story and can also share it with your friends. All these quotes have been written from the heart so that you can feel the feeling of love.

01. “I love you darling,,

02. “You are my life,,

03. “Your smile looks good,,

04. “I am your lover,,

05. “Want to kiss you,,

06. “I miss you darling,,

07. “My happiness is you,,

08. “Want to meet you,,

09. “You are my heartbeat,,

10. “Love learned from you,,

11. “Give me a kiss,,

12. “Your eyes are ocean,,

13. “love never loses,,

14. “Can’t live without you,,

15. “Forgot everything for you,,

16. “Love is only you,,

17. “You are my breath,,

18. “You are my heaven,,

19 “Every moment in your name,,

20. “You are looking amazing,,

Can't live without you

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21. “You are my moon,,

22. “Your memories always haunt,,

23. “I like you very much,,

24. “I miss you lot,,

25. “You’re in my heart,,

26. “You taught to love,,

27. “Our love is immortal,,

28. “You are my love,,

29. “Distance increases love,,

30. “You are so beautiful,,

31. “I will never change,,

32. “Love is beautiful feeling,,

33. “You are only mine,,

34. “I need you,,

35. “I’m alone without you,,

36. “If not you then nothing,,

37. “Love is important in life,,

38. “Heart cries in love,,

39. “I am in Love,,

40. “You will my wife,,

You're in my heart

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41. “Your style killed me,,

42. “Want to see you,,

43. “You are my first love,,

44. “I’m only yours,,

45. “You are my heart,,

46. “Your lips are cute,,

47. “You are my addiction,,

48. “I’m in love with you,,

49. “I’m crazy over you,,

50. “Your body is flower,,

51. “You are my happiness,,

52. “You moon i moonlight,,

53. “Don’t cry my heart,,

54. “Close to my heart,

55. “You are very beautiful,,

56. “Your lips like apple,,

57. “You are my world,,

58. “My heart is yours,,

59. “I’m incomplete without,, you

60. “You live thousand year,,

Want to kiss you

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61. “You are my morning,,

62. “I’m happy with you,,

63. “Want to kiss you,,

64. “I wish my lips were on your lips,,

65. “Your smile is beautiful,,

66. “I am waiting for you,,

67. “You are my wife,,

68. “Made you for me,,

69. “You are my feeling,,

70. “You are in my mind,,

71. “I want you too,,

72. “I am lost in you,,

73. “Far away yet I am close,,

74. “You are the dream, you are the reality too,,

75. “I still remember those days,,

76. “My body is yours,,

77. “You have rights on me,,

78. “Have a nice day,,

79. “Wish you a happy day,,

80. “You always be happy,,

You are my life

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81. “I like what you say,,

82. “I’m only yours,,

83. “I want to live with you,,

84. “I have only you,,

85. “I don’t want to lose you,,

86. “You have a beautiful waist,,

87. “You are an angel,,

88. “You are so innocent,,

89. “You come in dreams,,

90. “No one like you,,

92. “You are different from everyone,,

93. “You have a nice figure,,

94. “Your eyes are cloudy,,

95. “You are the queen,,

96. “Your hairstyle is nice,,

97. “Your chest is beautiful,,

98. “I love you so much,,

99. “We will be together forever,,

100. “I get pleasure from you,,

101. “I can’t forget you,,

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