Husband and wife have the only love which never diminishes. After marriage, if there is equal love between both, then life becomes like heaven, after which it becomes a lot of fun to live life. In this blog, we have shared quotes on love between husband and wife, which you can share with your husband or wife to make them feel your love, so that your partner will bring you very close to his heart.

01. “I love you today as much as I loved you before marriage,,

02. “I feel so relaxed when I feed you with my hands,,

03. “After I found you I feel like I found everything,,

04. “You are my world and you are my heaven,,

05. “I don’t enjoy unless I kiss you,,

06. “If you don’t sleep with me I won’t sleep,,

07. “There is something different in love before marriage,,

08. “You are as beautiful to me today as you were before,,

09. “I can’t bear it if you go away from me even for a day,,

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10. “I will never find a girl like you in this life,,

11. “You do so much housework, I love you so much,,

12. “When I kiss your pink lips, my heart becomes happy,,

13. “Now quickly make me a dady my love,,

14. ” When we both make love, it seems as if we are in another world,,

15. “I enjoy it so much when I kiss your cheeks,,

16. “When you look at me lovingly, I feel so relaxed, I feel like hugging you,.

17. “I enjoy sleeping holding you,,

18. “A wife’s world is only her husband,,

If you don't sleep with me I won't sleep

19. “There is no one else in my life except you so don’t go away from me,,

20. “It is said that love diminishes after marriage but I fell in love more than before,,

21. “My heart cries when you abuse me,,

22. “I feel every happiness when you hold me to your chest,,

23. “loving husband forgives every mistake of his wife,

24. “Truly loving husband puts his wife to his chest and makes her sleep close to him,,

25. “There are always small fights between husband and wife, according to me this is true love,,

26. “Having fun with you takes all my worries away,,

27. “I enjoy it so much when I tease you,,

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28. ” You can say anything wrong to me I will tolerate it,,

29. “I love holding your hand when you take me for a walk,,

30. “When you live with me I don’t even feel any sadness,,

31. “Only you have the right to touch me,

32. ” You can do everything with me you have freedom,

33. “I don’t mind anything you say,,

34. “When you love me I forget everything and get lost in you,,

35. “Before marriage, you used to follow me around, but now you don’t have time for me,,

36. “Remember that a girl left everything and came just for you, so keep your wife as happy as possible,,

When we both make love, it seems as if we are in another world

37. “A wife can tolerate everything but she can never tolerate her husband cheating on her,,

38. “I can never see tears in your eyes,,

39. “The moon is very beautiful and you are even more beautiful,,

40. “One kiss from you makes my whole day full of fun,,

41. “I kiss you when you fall asleep and you don’t even know it,,

42. “Keeping you happy is my happiness,,

43. “I care about you more than myself because you are my life,,

44. “Your beauty is no less than the moon,,

45. “Whenever it’s morning the first thing I like to see is you,,

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46. “From our love will come a cute baby whom we will love very much,,

47. “You work so hard for me i love you so much,,

48. “When it’s winter, sleep close to me, I feel very cold,,

49. “Our love will never diminish, we will continue to love like this,,

50. “Husband and wife should always be happy after marriage, this is the real life,,

51. “Doubting love is madness so never doubt your love,,

52. “There are always fights between husband and wife, so never take what your husband or wife says seriously,,

53. “Every girl wants to get a good husband and love her a lot, therefore you should love your own wife and not someone else,,

54. “If husband and wife live loving each other wholeheartedly then life becomes heaven,,

I don't enjoy unless I kiss you

55. “There are definitely betrayals in love before marriage but after marriage the husband thinks very little about cheating on his wife,,

56. “After marriage, there is only wife who can be trusted,,

57. “If you are a girl then you will find many people to enjoy your body but you should never cheat your husband and you should only love your husband,,

58. “No matter what the world tells you, love should love your wife only,,

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59. “The happiness that is found in the love between husband and wife is not found in the love of others,,

60. “When you are away from me for a few days I long to see you,,

61. “I like to eat when you eat with me,,

62. “If I had not found you, living this life would not have been easy,,

63. “You are my heart and I am your heartbeat,,

64. “Life is incomplete without love,,